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Azure Synapse SQL Snap Pack

The Azure Synapse SQL Snap Pack connects to the Azure Synapse Analytics service from Microsoft.

Key Features of the Azure Synapse SQL Snap Pack

Data integration combined with advanced analytics from Microsoft’s data warehouse service. Load incoming data from on-premises sources to the cloud service using a SQL-like interface.

This Snap Pack’s common use cases are as follows:

  • Delivering data from multiple source endpoints to drive business insights such as sales performance, product upsell opportunities, through a faster, easy to use and scalable data warehouse
  • Deliver data to gain insights from IoT devices for preventative maintenance, anomaly detection
  • Deliver data for real-time dashboards and reports for executives to provide operational insights and risk management

Azure Synapse Snap Pack has the following Snaps:

  • Update: Updates a target table
  • Execute: Executes an SQL query
  • Stored Procedure: Invokes a stored procedure in the Azure Synapse. 
  • Table List: Provides a list of tables in a database.
  • Bulk Load: Loads large amount of input data to the target table

To learn more please refer to the documentation link: Azure Synapse Documentation