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Microsoft Power BI Snap Pack

Microsoft Power BI Snap Pack allows you seamlessly to connect hundreds of data sources and bring your data to life.

Key Features of the Microsoft Power BI Snap

Easily Integrate Power BI - Snaps Explained

With the Microsoft Power BI Snap Pack, you can easily query data in Power BI, create/bind/clone entities, import data from various file formats such as PBIX, XSLX, or update entities. With SnapLogic’s Snap Packs you can load data from CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, Netsuite, etc., product/transactional data from databases such as MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and many more key enterprise systems of record.

These capabilities allow you to automate workflows such as

  • Customer Analytics
    • Identify customers who are more likely to upsell
    • Understand customer training needs by analyzing tickets
    • Measure the impact of customer training
  • Sales Analytics
    • Identify target accounts based on past successes
    • Understand who you win against or lose against the most 
    • Prioritize your sales opportunities better
  • Product Analytics
    • Better feature prioritization by analyzing customer feedback
    • Better product planning by understanding the usage trends
    • Understand customer needs around support and documentation
  • And many more …  

Snaps in the Microsoft Power BI Snap Pack can be categorized as follows 

  • Post Data: Post, Post Import, Push Dataset, ​
  • Read Data: Read, Read Groups, ​
  • Edit: Update, Delete

To learn more, please check out the documentation