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Azure Service Bus Snap Pack

The Azure Service Bus Snap Pack allows you to connect to Azure Service Bus, a fully managed cloud messaging broker platform, between applications and services.

Key Features of the Azure Service Bus Snap Pack

Azure Service Bus, a cloud messaging platform, simplifies enterprise cloud messaging between applications and services. The enterprise can deliver messages through Queues or through Topics to offer one-to-many messages in publish-subscribe mode. With this Snap Pack, you can leverage Azure’s native messaging service at scales with key features such as scheduling, throttling, error handling, etc., or create communication experiences from a SnapLogic pipeline or from Azure Service Bus itself.

With this Snap Pack, you can automate workflows such as

  • Order and Inventory Management Workflows: POS terminals in chain stores send sales data via Azure Service Bus, and the inventory system can automatically process all of them.
  • Vendor Management Workflows: Communicate commission change policy with your vendors and distribute messages to all vendors at once.
  • eCommerce Order Processing Workflows:  Send a message to your fulfillment center to prepare the shipment after customers complete the online payment, and also push a notification to the customer to confirm their communication preference. Then, you can communicate with customers accordingly based on their needs.
  • Customer Service Workflows: Distribute different messages to customers engaged in different stages, like a discount code within limited hours, newsletters, new podcast episode notifications, special product edition launches, loyalty programs, and so on.
  • And many more …

Azure Service Bus Snap Pack has the following Snaps:

  • Read
  • Write
  • Update
  • Create

To learn more, check out the Snap Pack documentation here.