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Natural Language Processing Snap Pack

The Natural Language Processing Snap Pack performs operations in natural language processing.

Key Benefits of the Natural Language Processing Snap Pack

Fine-tune your machine learning models and gain access to rich data insights with SnapLogic Data Science. Using the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Snap Pack, you can build machine learning models on data that involves natural language.

The Snaps included in the NLP Snap Pack include:

  • Tokenizer: Converts sentences into an array of tokens
  • Common Words: Finds the most popular words in the dataset of input sentences
  • Bag of Words: Vectorizes sentences into a set of numeric fields

Understanding customer sentiment across social media and review sites

Today’s customers can share how they feel about a product or service on social media and review sites and many leading organizations implement machine learning (ML) models to better understand their customers’ intents and feedback. By understanding what customers say on social media and why, organizations can act on insights, improve customer engagement and experiences, and improve customer sentiment along their journey.

How the NLP Snap Pack works

Use the SnapLogic NLP Snap Pack to easily turn text into an array of tokens that can then be analyzed.

SnapLogic NLP Snap Pack token array table.Once the text is tokenized, organizations can identify the top, most commonly used words from a social media or review site. You can set the number limit of how many commonly used words you need to analyze. In this case, the limit of words is set to 100.

SnapLogic NLP Snap Pack word analysisOnce the parameters are set, you can view the most common words used in a JSON or table format. You can also view the number of times each word is used. While the example below shows that “the” is used 216 times and the “and” is used 130 times, you can scroll down to the list to see words that could then be categorized into positive or negative feedback.

SnapLogic NLP Common Words.All ML Snap Packs are included in SnapLogic Data Science, an extension of the Intelligent Integration Platform that provides a visual drag-and-drop approach to developing and deploying machine learning models. Check out our other ML Snap Packs: ML Core Snap Pack, ML Data Preparation Snap Pack, and ML Analytics Snap Pack.