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Slack Snap Pack allows you to communicate, collaborate with your team members, and get notified of events in other applications.

Slack is now the backbone of communication for many enterprises often replacing email. Slack allows you to communicate with your colleagues, collaborate on campaigns, projects, and initiatives, and foster communication across functional areas. Given then Slack is used across the organization for communication, it can be integrated with a wide range of application endpoints. Here is a sample set of use cases where you can benefit from out-of-the-box connectivity to Slack Snap Pack.  

  • Team Communication
    • New team member welcome and onboarding
    • Sharing of meeting notes
  • Project Collaboration
    • Setting up a new channel for a project
  • Employee Journey Workflows
    • New hire account setup
    • Deleting a departing employee
  • Event Notification
    • New lead assignment in a CRM system
    • New high priority support ticket created for a customer
    • Resolution of a high-priority support ticket
  • And many more …

Slack Snap Pack provides the following Snaps 

Workspace Operations: Enables operations such as Create Workspace, get details, retrieving the list of Workspaces, users, or Channels, and deleting Channel

Channel Operations: Includes operations such as create a channel, list members, invite users, archive/unarchive channels.

User Operations: Supports operations such as getting user details, add or delete a user, etc.

Search: Enables searching for a message and file using keywords, sender/recipient, date sent etc.

Send Message: Sends a message to a given channel with a given formatting type including emojis, code snippets, 

Update Message: Updates a message 

Delete Message: Allows you to delete a message

Upload File: Uploads a file to a channel/ group/direct message.

Delete File: Deletes a previously uploaded file.

To learn more, please check out the documentation