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Shopify Snap Pack

Shopify Snap Pack allows you to easily integrate with the leading e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.

Key Features of the Shopify Snap Pack

Shopify is a Cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) shopping cart solution that allows businesses to set up an online store and sell their products online with ease. Shopify Snap Pack allows you to integrate the store, order, product, transaction data in the Shopify platform with other key systems of record. 

With this Snap Pack, you can automate workflows such as

  • Automate Sales Operations from new customer order to the order shipment 
  • Automate order fulfillment and track order to closure to ensure timely delivery
  • Read updated customer info from Shopify and propagate that information to a CRM system.
  • Update product catalog in Shopify based on updates in the master records
  • Update the inventory in an inventory management system based on a new shipped order in Shopify
  • And many more …  

Shopify Snap Pack has the following Snaps:

  • Create, Read, Update and Delete operations for 
    • Customers
    • Products and product variants
    • Orders
    • Order Fulfillment, Refunds
    • Transactions

To learn more, please check out the documentation.