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Flow Snap Pack

The Flow Snap Pack is critical for data flows between applications. This Snap is part of the Core Snap Pack.

Key Features of the Flow Snap Pack

In the Flow Snap Pack, there are 12 Snaps including:

  • Binary Router: This Snap drives binary documents to different output views based on a boolean expression
  • Copy: This Snap copies a document stream to the Snap’s output views, and can send the same information to multiple endpoints
  • Data Validator: This Snap validates incoming data with a set of defined constraints
  • Exit: This Snap forces a pipeline to stop with a failed status if it receives more records than the user-defined threshold
  • Filter: This Snap filters a document stream based on expression functions
  • ForEach: This Snap invokes a new pipeline for each of the incoming documents
  • Gate: This Snap allows you to aggregate multiple inputs into a single output document. Unlike the Union Snap, Gate Snap waits for all the inputs before producing a document at the output view, allowing you to create dependencies between the upstream and the downstream Snaps.
  • Head: This Snap sends the specified number of input documents to the output view relative to the start of the input stream
  • HTTP Router: This Snap routes documents to output views based on the incoming HTTP request method such as GET, POST, PUT.
  • Pipeline Execute: This Snap executes pipelines and flows documents into and out of these executions flexibly and efficiently
  • Router: This Snap routes documents to output views matching a boolean expression. Unlike the Filter Snap, the Router Snap handles multiple streams
  • Tail: This Snap reads the specified number of documents from the end of the input stream
  • Task Execute: This Snap executes predefined triggered tasks
  • Union: This Snap merges document streams into a single output stream

To learn more about the Flow Snap Pack, please visit the documentation.