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REST Snap Pack

The REST Snap Pack imports and exports critical data and statistics to and from any HTTP web source.

Key Features of the REST Snap Pack

With the REST Snap Pack, you can read binary stream of data from an HTTP source as your input and write it to the HTTP Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), using the PUT or POST method. The response from the target is available from the output views in either record or binary form. You can also use this Snap to read the output of the XML Write building block as its input, and write the output to an application’s REST software interface.

The REST Integration Snap Pack:

  • Reads binary data from an HTTP source
  • Uses either PUT or POST method to write data to a target HTTP URI
  • Receives response from the target that is available from the output views in either Record or Binary form. The Record view provides the Response Code, Reason, Body, and Headers in a structured record format
  • Provides the uninterpreted response in the sender’s native format in the Binary View
  • Reads the output of the XML Write building block as its input
  • Writes to an application’s REST interface
  • Enables the loading of files using Multipart/related in conjunction with the REST Post
  • Supports OAuth 2.0 with Client Credentials and Authorization Code grant types

The REST Delete Snap below shows a pipeline deleting the JIRA issue created and updated in the preceding Snaps in the pipeline.

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