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Microsoft Exchange Online Snap Pack allows you to communicate, collaborate with your team members, and get notified of events in other enterprise applications.

Microsoft Exchange Online allows your organization to benefit from a Microsoft Exchange server functionality without the hassle of managing the underyling hardware and software. With this Snap Pack, you can automate a number of workflows where you want to send out an email or manage meetings following an upstream activity. Here are some example use cases: 

  • Customer Journey Workflows
    • Setting up a discovery call with a new lead
    • Customer communication with automatic meeting setup
  • Employee Journey Workflows
    • New hire onboarding; meetup with each team member
    • Training setup following an employee’s promotion
  • Event Notification
    • New lead assignment in a CRM system
    • New high priority support ticket created for a customer
    • Resolution of a high-priority support ticket
  • And many more …

This Snap Pack provides extensive functionality with its 16 Snaps! These Snaps can be broadly categorized into the following categories. 

  • Email Operations: CRUD, Email Listener, Flag Email, Configure Email Auto Reply, Mark Email as Read​
  • Calendar Operations: CRUD, Event Listener, Event Notifier, List Events, Search capabilities ​
  • Contact Operations: Create, Search

To learn more, please check out the documentation