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Microsoft OneDrive Snap Pack allows you to automate management, collaboration, and sharing of content across your business.

With Microsoft OneDrive, you can share and manage content across your organization to empower teams to find information quickly and simplify collaboration. In today’s remote work environment, the collaboration that OneDrive enables has become critical for succeeding as a business.

With the OneDrive Snap Pack, you can seamlessly manage share permissions for files/folders, perform file/object operations, and collaborate on a single document instead of sending files around via email. These capabilities allow you to automate workflows such as

  • Document approval 
    • new hire offer approval
    • custom quote approval
    • invoice approval from 3rd party contractors
  • Feedback Collection
    • Feedback collection from employees on a new HR initiative
    • Event retrospective with for HR/Marketing/IT team
  • Project Tracking
    • Track progress of issues and projects through different phases 
    • Track marketing launch of a new product or 
    • Track rollout of an IT infrastructure project
  • And many more …  

Snaps in the MS OneDrive Snap Pack can be categorized as follows 

  • CRUD operations​: Create, Read, Update, Delete Snaps for files and folders
  • Item, File Operations: Search, Move, Share, Get Children, Get Drive, Get Shared Items, Copy item, Upload/Download file ​
  • Advanced: Check In / Check out capability, Get, Update, and Delete Share Permissions 

To learn more, please check out the documentation