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Key Features

Teradata offers big data analytics solutions, integrated marketing applications, and services that help organizations gain a sustainable competitive advantage with data.

The Teradata Snap Pack contains 10 Snaps, which along with the set of Snaplogic resources, allows business users to better understand their marketing data. With pre-built intelligent Snaps for Teradata, SnapLogic provides enterprises an easy-to-use, drag and drop based platform to quickly integrate their Teradata databases with several cloud and on-premises applications and data sources.

Use Snaps in this Snap Pack to quickly move large amounts of data into Teradata or provide an easy migration path from Teradata to Hadoop or other downstream systems. With Teradata TPT (Teradata Parallel Transport) Snaps, customers can quickly load, update, delete, insert, and upsert data to and from Teradata databases.

The Teradata Snap Pack supports:

  • Teradata Execute
  • Teradata Export to HDFS
  • Teradata FastExport
  • Teradata FastLoad
  • TPT Delete
  • TPT FastExport
  • TPT Insert
  • TPT Load
  • TPT Update
  • TPT Upsert

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