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JDBC Snap Pack

The JDBC Snap Pack selects, inserts, updates, deletes, and truncates records in a database.

Key Features of the JDBC Snap Pack

The JDBC Snap Pack is designed to select, insert, update, delete, and truncate records in a database, e.g, the Snap Pack enables CRUD operations. Depending on the database type, the Snap Pack can also be used to create and drop databases.

The JDBC Snap Pack includes:

  • The Execute Snap that executes a SQL query against a SQL database using JDBC
  • The Insert Snap  that executes a SQL insert statement
  • The Select Snap that calls data from the connected database by providing a table name and configuring the JDBC connection. The Snap produces the records from the database on its output, view which can then be processed by a downstream Snap.
  • The Update Snap  that executes a SQL update query for each batch of input documents

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