SAP Hana is an in-memory, relational database management system that stores and retrieves high volumes of operational and transactional data. The database also serves as an application server, performs advanced analytics and has ETL capabilities.

Key Features of the SAP HANA Snap Pack

The  Snap Pack for SAP HANA is a set of pre-built connectors that enable you to read, write, and update data in a SAP Hana database. Users from different functional areas use this Snap Pack to connect SAP HANA with on-premises and cloud applications and other databases.

A common use case is to improve real-time supply chain management by integrating financial costs and revenue models between SAP Hana and other cloud and on-premises applications, such as Anaplan, Redshift, Tableau, and others to improve supply chain operations and financial planning.

The SAP Hana Snap Pack includes:

  • SAP Execute
  • SAP IDoc Document Listener
  • SAP IDoc Listener
  • SAP IDoc Read
  • SAP IDoc Write

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