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Zuora Snap

The Zuora Snap connects business applications and populates rich data into Zuora.

Key Features of the Zuora Snap

Organizations maintain multiple applications that can create data silos across departments. Use the Zuora Snap to connect business applications and populate rich data into Zuora, and make real-time business decisions.

A common use case is using Zuora to integrate customer and product information from sales and marketing applications so that Finance teams can effectively bill and renew accordingly. Another use case includes integrating individual customer data across multiple SaaS and on-premises applications, automating the entire user experience from customer onboarding, customer relationship management, and customer off-boarding experience.

For connectivity between SnapLogic and Zuora, this Snap uses the Zuora SOAP interface, eliminating the need for any subsequent configuration within Zuora. After installation, you can access and manipulate Zuora data without any additional Web Services or SOAP programming. The Zuora Snap:

  • Provides read and write access to Zuora
  • Provides access to the available objects in Zuora
  • Uses the Zuora SOAP interface
  • Doesn’t require additional configuration within Zuora  for connectivity
  • Provides read, insert, update, and delete capabilities for Zuora object types that support them
  • Comes populated with all the Zuora data fields for each Zuora object
  • Includes a wizard to automatically detect custom objects and fields that have been defined in Zuora
  • Can duplicate building blocks within the Snap and be used as templates for specific integration needs
  • Supports the following operations on Zuora objects:
    • Create
    • Read
    • Update
    • Delete

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