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Metadata Snap Pack

The Metadata Snap Pack can list assets in a project and perform a series of actions, including create, read, update, and delete operations on assets.

Key Features of the Metadata Integration Snap Pack

The Metadata Integration Snaps include the following:

  • Create: Lets you create a SnapLogic asset of type Task, Account, Project, and Pipeline
  • Delete: Deletes a specified SnapLogic asset
  • List: Shows the specified assets
  • Read: Reads a specified SnapLogic asset
  • Update: Lets you update a specified SnapLogic asset
  • Catalog Insert: Insert metadata information into SnapLogic metadata catalogs
  • Catalog Query: Query metadata information in SnapLogic metadata catalogs

The pipeline below shows how to enable or disable a task using the SnapLogic Update Snap

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