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How IBM DataStage compares to SnapLogic

Feature comparison for SnapLogic and IBM DataStage

IBM DataStage


With the ability to build cutting-edge GenAI applications in just hours — without writing code — along with SnapGPT, the first and most advanced generative AI-powered integration co-pilot, organizations can vastly accelerate business value.

Built for the mainframe world and does not offer a GenAI-powered co-pilot or the functionality to build GenAI applications.


A cloud-native tool for hybrid integrations, the platform’s modern integration infrastructure empowers users to build GenAI applications that drive the business forward.

A legacy tool for on-prem data integrations. It is not sufficient to power and advance your business in today’s world.

Time to market

Offers iterative development features, including automated validation and schema-on-read, which empower teams to finish projects faster.

An old system that is hard to learn. Documentation could be better and support resources could be more adequate. With reliance on a few skilled folks, your team must wait months to finish projects.

Ease of use

A modern iPaaS platform that leverages AI, pipeline templates, timely data and transformation suggestions, and extensive CI/CD support to improve your ease of use.

Has an unstable and hard-to-use application that doesn’t work with unstructured data. Users have to be trained directly from IBM to create integrations.

Total cost of ownership

Runs on-premises, in a VPC from any cloud provider, or on the SnapLogic-hosted infrastructure in the cloud. SnapLogic subscription costs and total-cost-of-ownership are a fraction of what you can expect with IBM DataStage.

Runs on-premise hardware that is costly to maintain. Maintenance costs typically run at least 20% and the skilled resources needed will drive additional expenses.


A highly performant platform that processes over 4 trillion docs monthly and can efficiently move data to data lakes and warehouses.

Lacks support for real-time integrations and connects only to on-premises databases.


A GenAI-powered, no-code/low-code platform that both technical and non-technical users can leverage.

A platform for experts. Additionally, these experts need to be trained by IBM. Non-technical users will need help with the platform.

Expect more, get more with SnapLogic

Security & privacy

Built with enterprise-level security and governance in mind, SnapLogic protects customer data through a combination of access controls and encryption.

Flexible deployment

Connects with existing technology ecosystems, including on-premises installs, cloud-hosted applications, and hybrid data environments.

One platform

Enables the configuration and management of data and application integrations and automation through a single pane of glass.

Business insights

The platform’s intuitive interface makes it easy for business users to access data analytics and real-time reporting, and activate automation.

Pre-built connectors

The SnapLogic iPaaS includes 700+ pre-built connectors, Snaps, and integration templates for common business processes and workflows.


Powered with a suite of AI tools for LLM-powered application development, data transformation, and integrations without coding.

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