Case Study

Transforming the Way Employees Work at Schneider Electric

As a leader in energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability, Schneider Electric sought to make its 135,000 employees around the world more autonomous and productive. The company saw the opportunity to undergo a digital transformation and leverage new technologies and become even more efficient. In turn, the business would become more agile, create a competitive edge, and deliver products to customers with reduced time-to-market and lower costs and complexities.

Schneider Electric turned to SnapLogic to become the foundation of their new Operating Model, an approach to enable citizen developers to build applications and integrations without relying on the company’s center of excellence team. With SnapLogic powering their Operating Model, the company enjoys the following benefits:

  • 140+ Citizen developers empowered to build their own apps
  • 100+ Applications integrated across the organization
  • Autonomy Empowered for business teams are more productive


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