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Integration Circuit: Gen AI Unleashed!

Join our exclusive workshop hosted on AWS, designed specifically for IT experts, data engineers, application developers, and AI enthusiasts. Discover how to create a highly secure, internal GPT for legal, sales, or HR purposes, ensuring your data remains within your network without being indexed online.

Dive into the world of GenAI App Builder, a transformative tool that converts your data into valuable insights. Learn to develop a responsive, intuitive chat interface that integrates seamlessly with AWS services. Gain insights into effective data management with SnapLogic, streamlining data import into Pinecone, and harness the power of real-time AI interactions by linking your front-end to a SnapLogic pipeline.

This workshop will provide you with the tools and insights to excel in the evolving AWS environment. Enhance the accuracy of your AI’s responses, eliminate hallucinations, and ensure each reply cites its data sources. Don’t miss the opportunity to lead in innovative technology – secure your spot today!

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What you will learn

Introduction to GenAI App Builder

Understand the capabilities and applications of our GenAI App Builder in transforming your data into actionable insights.

Setting Up a Front-End Chat Interface

Learn to set up a responsive and intuitive chat interface, integrating it seamlessly with AWS services.

Data Integration with SnapLogic

Explore how to efficiently load data into Pinecone using SnapLogic, simplifying data management and accessibility.

Connecting to a SnapLogic Pipeline

Discover how to connect your front-end application to a SnapLogic pipeline, enabling real-time handling of AI prompts and interactions.

Be the first to implement AI into your workplace

Join us onsite to learn how to turbo-charge your business by creating LLM-powered applications and automations in minutes. No coders or data scientists required.

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Learn How You Can

Go Faster, Go Further with Generative Integration.

Learn How You Can

Go Faster, Go Further with
Generative Integration.