Enterprise Automation For Dummies

New technologies, integration approaches, and enterprise automation methodologies are evolving. Are you ready to meet the challenge?

Enterprise Automation For Dummies explores what modern enterprise automation is all about. Many technologies claim, but don’t truly deliver, business process automation across an entire enterprise and its people in an uncomplicated manner. Enterprise Automation For Dummies is your guide to understanding how modern enterprise automation enables companies to empower people at unheard-of scale to create their own app and data integrations.

This eBook covers everything from why digital transformation projects fail to practical tips for app and data integration with real-world case studies and metrics. Download the book to learn how IT and business teams can eliminate application and data integration barriers, empower people to work differently, and accelerate business results.

Highlights included in the Enterprise Automation for Dummies Guide are:

  • How to succeed with digital transformation
  • The evolution of integration technology
  • How to quickly achieve automation across the enterprise, on-premises, and clouds
  • Reference architectures and case studies
  • Steps to start connecting and automating your enterprise

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