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Faster Time to Value

With SnapLogic, you can develop more integrations, faster with AI and schema-less mappings. Boomi needs schema at every step, lacks AI assistant, and lacks Out-of-the-box (OOTB) data transformations for business users.

Support for Data Integration

SnapLogic loads and transforms data in Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) with no coding at a tremendous speed. Boomi has immature connectors for some CDW, lacks bulk capabilities, and does not support ELT.

Enterprise Scale

Scale-out architecture for large use cases and enterprise-grade features such as stronger nodes, and no connection-based pricing makes SnapLogic the easy choice. Boomi has limited experience moving massive amounts of data and does not effectively support real-time use cases.

Business User Enablement

SnapLogic helps business users easily and quickly automate business processes with AI-assistant, pipeline templates, and code-free data transformations. Boomi is not suitable for business users because users need to code to effectively transform data or need extensive training to build integrations from scratch.

Ease of Maintenance

SnapLogic provides extensive dashboards for infrastructure monitoring while Boomi offers poor support for monitoring infrastructure and reporting and has subpar debugging capabilities.

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