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"We can do more in two hours with SnapLogic than we could in two days with [“other”] solutions."
- Dinesh Gopinathan, Enterprise Applications Manager, Adobe

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App-to-App Integration

Fivetran can't be used for app-to-app integration as most of its connectors can only be used to read data. It can only write data to cloud data warehouses, data lakes, and certain databases. SnapLogic on the other hand provides best-in-class app-to-app integration capabilities.

ETL Capability

Fivetran provides no ETL support other than fixed endpoints with specific models for schema normalization. All custom transformations are pushed to the CDW and need to be managed outside of Fivetran. SnapLogic provides extensive ETL capabilities and ELT support via visual data pipelines.

Total Cost of Ownership

With Fivetran, you can expect to spend $30k/yr for medium data volume for an enterprise for simple data loading. You will also incur heavy CDW computing costs and need a separate tool for app-to-app integration. SnapLogic allows you both ETL and ELT to optimize your costs, and all these capabilities are available on one platform at a much lower TCO.


Fivetran pricing is hard to estimate as the monthly cost changes based on Monthly Active Rows (MARs) and every connector has unique MAR consumption. SnapLogic provides node-based, volume independent pricing that provides predictability that enterprises can rely on.

Productivity and Maintenance

Fivetran has slow response times for debugging and error-handling and provides poor support. It lacks AI-based assistive features that can improve user productivity. SnapLogic provides extensive dashboards, drill-down capabilities, and logging for faster debugging. SnapLogic is a Generative AI-powered platform that provides ultimate flexibility and complex transformations while accelerating data delivery and time to market.

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