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"We can do more in two hours with SnapLogic than we could in two days with [“other”] solutions."
- Dinesh Gopinathan, Enterprise Applications Manager, Adobe

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Ability to Solve Digital Transformation: Integrate, Automate and Orchestrate APIs

SnapLogic allows you to create APIs and integrate your apps and data services, and manage them in one platform. Kong assumes that your APIs are already created, leading to tool sprawl, long time-to-value, and slow digital transformation.

Developer Portal

SnapLogic is committed to helping customers easily manage and scale their API strategy through their developer portal. Kong's Konnect Developer portal is nascent and has limited features, making it difficult for customers to use.

Easy to Use Across Departments

SnapLogic is easy to use and powerful, making it suitable for companies with limited engineering resources. Kong is too technical and needs engineering expertise to operate. Advanced knowledge of Kubernetes and GitOps to run in modern environments is required.

User Interface/User Experience

SnapLogic is user-friendly and has been voted as Gartner’s Customers’ Choice as a platform. Kong's user interface is difficult to use, and its workflow is driven by programming commands and platform APIs.

Predictable Pricing

SnapLogic’s API management solution is predictable and at a fixed price. Kong licenses on per API managed and per API call. Customers have to commit unnatural acts in terms of architecture deployments to minimize overall spend sprawl.

API Productization Capabilities

SnapLogic allows APIs to be exposed together as one application. No extra coding required to scale your API strategy. Kong’s does not enable API productization which slows down your digital transformation.

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