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Modern doesn’t always mean easier. Overcome tool sprawl in your modern data stack using a simple, yet powerful unified platform.

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The Rise of the Modern Data Stack

A Modern Data Stack (MDS) is a collection of cloud-hosted tools that allows organizations to seamlessly integrate and manage their data with high efficiency.

The rise of the Modern Data Stack is attributed to the explosion of data generated by businesses, the increasing importance of data-driven decision-making, and the availability of cloud-based technologies that make it easier and more cost-effective to manage data at scale.

Pitfalls of the Fragmented Modern Data Stack

Labor Intensive

A fragmented modern data stack (MDS) can be labor intensive.

An MDS requires managing and maintaining multiple tools. Each tool has its own unique set of features and requirements, making it time-consuming and difficult for teams to keep track of everything. Additionally, each tool may require its own set of skills and knowledge to operate effectively, adding to the challenge of finding the right personnel with the right skill set to manage and maintain each tool.

Tool Sprawl

Managing a modern data stack (MDS) can be a constant battle against tool sprawl.

The addition of each new tool creates complexity in your MDS. With each new tool, you must increase your focus on integration, training, and renewing licenses. This can be overwhelming when trying to remain effective with your overall initiatives.

Expensive to Operate

Another pitfall of a fragmented MDS is the hidden cost of operating it. All of the tools that make up the MDS also charge money every time they are used. This means that the more successful a business becomes, the more it costs to operate your MDS. This is what we call the hidden MDS “data toll,” and it is a covert problem that enterprises must solve if they are to remain viable and competitive long-term.

Simplification is the Solution

Simplifying the modern data stack by choosing a unified platform like SnapLogic can help to eliminate the need to purchase countless point-to-point solutions. Instead, data leaders are able to simply automate end-to-end processes, enable their teams faster, and manage their data more easily from one centralized solution.

Reveal the Hidden Cost of the Modern Data Stack

The fragmented data stack The simplified data stack

The modern data stack is currently facing challenges such as high labor costs, complexity, and rising expenses. These challenges can lead to issues such as tool sprawl, skill gaps, and diminishing returns. To reach the desired state of a simplified stack, it is necessary to reduce complexity, labor, and costs through simplification, resulting in a more streamlined data infrastructure.

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