The State of the Modern Data Stack

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The combination of technology that businesses are adopting to operate, communicate and stay competitive continues to grow. And the data generated through each of those tools is valuable information that can be harnessed and analyzed for business insight. But the resulting mountain of data extraction, processing, storage and analysis tools — aka, the modern data stack (MDS) — can be overwhelming.

Think of the MDS like a towering stack of pancakes. Just like pancakes, tech stacks come in an endless variety of sizes and ingredients. Lots of goodness, but too much of a good thing can turn into a sticky, wasted, expensive mess.

We wanted to know more about the challenges of building and navigating the MDS, so we took our questions to the people who manage the hot griddle of data every day. We heard from over 1,000 global IT, engineering, finance and other departments, from entry-level positions to executives, about what their data stack looks like, how the tools they’re using rank overall, and what needs improvement.

In this survey report, we’ll highlight three key findings:

  1. Many data processes are still handled manually
  2. Increasing data sources and apps are creating complex, cumbersome technology environments
  3. Return on investment is getting harder to control

Our survey respondents have helped us zero in on the most common challenges — and opportunities — of creating a data-driven, adaptable organization that operates…like butter. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and dig in. Download “The State of the Modern Data Stack” survey report today.

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