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Data Integration

SnapLogic provides a robust and high performing platform for data integration while Workato is primarily built for app-to-app integration. Workato lacks visual ELT, pre-built connectors for cloud streaming services, and bulk connectors for key cloud data warehouses (CDWs).

Data Throughput and Processing Power

SnapLogic provides much higher throughput than Workato when moving large amounts of data, often 70x higher. Workato is suitable for small data movements and simple point-to-point integrations.

Enterprise-grade Security

SnapLogic was designed from the ground up with security in mind. We never store your job data and you can pick a cloud or on-premises runtime that works for you. Workato on the other hand stores data in their recipes by default, causing SOC2 security risk. Workato also lacks an integration runtime behind your firewall, forcing you to shuttle data to their cloud.

Create and Manage APIs

On SnapLogic, you can create and manage a full lifecycle of APIs and also enable API consumer self-service. With Workato, you can’t create APIs from specs, manage full lifecycle, or empower API consumers with self-service.

AI-powered Productivity

SnapLogic’s AI-powered suggestions for mappings, next steps, data expressions along with guided data preparation accelerate time to value. You can breeze through mappings in minutes not hours. Workato AI is limited to mapping and users are forced to write code snippets for data transformations sapping their productivity.

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