Recapping the SnapLogic Integration Cloud Spring 2014 Release

It was an exciting week here at SnapLogic as we announced the latest features of the SnapLogic Integration Cloud in our Spring 2014 release. Included in the announcement were features from last month’s January release and additional features and updates to come in March. Backed by the support of our awesome partners, we also saw received some great industry feedback on the news.

SnapLogic Integration Cloud Spring 2014Forbes contributor Ben Kepes, in Broadening Data Integration with SnapLogic, says of the SnapLogic Integration Cloud that “all in all, it’s an interesting release for the company and gives us a glimpse of what the future looks like for the broader integration space.” He also recognized the UX strides we’ve made, mentioning the HTML5 front-end that simplifies use of the product for everyday developers and integrators – the “Citizen Integrators” – and says that “enabling business people to utilize these sorts of tools is critical to increasing agility and unlocking the potential of multiple data sources.”

Michael Vizard noted that, “SnapLogic is making the next logical step by including API management capabilities within the cloud service.” In sharing his expert insights on the iPaaS industry in general, Vizard said that “as integration becomes a platform-as-a-serivce (PaaS) in the cloud in its own right, it’s clear that more functionality is going to migrate into cloud platforms…that ultimately will redefine the relationship between applications both inside and outside the cloud.”

SnapLogic Integration Cloud webinar

For more information on SnapLogic Integration Cloud Spring 2014, take a look at the recorded webinar which introduces the new features and includes a demo of cloud integration in action. Also check out below for a roundup of what people were saying on Twitter about the Spring 2014 release:

Spring into Cloud Integration with SnapLogic

Today SnapLogic announced our Spring 2014 release, which is codenamed “Stallion” for a number of reasons:

  • 2014-year-of-the-horseFirst and foremost, because it’s focused on making our Elastic Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) even faster.
  • Secondly, because of our continued focus on delivering a single, best-of-breed cloud integration service that can solve the Integrator’s Dilemma by handling diverse requirements: cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground, data integration, application integration, etc.
  • And finally, because it’s the Year of the Horse. Happy Chinese New Year!

SnapLogic Integration Cloud Spring 2014

The SnapLogic Integration Cloud announcement includes elements of our January release and updates that the team is planning to deliver in March. The key innovations that we’ve highlighted here are:

  • Built-in API Management and Development
  • New Performance Monitoring Dashboard
  • Powerful Data Integration for Cloud Analytics
  • Enhanced User Experience for “Citizen Integrators”
  • New and Updated Snaps on the SnapStore
  • Enterprise-Ready Cloud Integration for Hybrid IT

Want to learn more? Be sure to register for the webinar. You can read the press release here and find out what some of our partner are saying about the latest release here. I’ve also embedded a demonstration of the SnapLogic Integration Cloud in action below. Contact Us if you’d like to dive deeper.