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Meet Iris AI, SnapLogic’s latest innovation that uses artificial intelligence to automate highly repetitive, low-level development tasks, eliminating the data and application integration backlog that stifles most technology initiatives. The result is an industry-first technology that applies machine learning to enterprise integration – dramatically changing the economics of cloud, analytics, and digital transformation initiatives.

Iris uses advanced algorithms to learn from millions of metadata elements and billions of data flows via the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud. It then applies that learning to improve the speed and quality of integrations across data, applications, and business processes. The “self-driving” software shortens the learning curve for line-of-business users to manage their own data flows, while freeing technology staff for higher-value software development.

Iris extends SnapLogic’s vision for self-service integration, and will fuel a series of technology innovations that SnapLogic plans over the next two to three years based on its Enterprise Integration Cloud. The first Iris-based feature is SnapLogic Integration Assistant, a recommendation engine that uses machine intelligence to give business users and analysts the right next steps in building data pipelines.

Self-driving software for enterprise integration

SnapLogic believes artificial intelligence can automate repetitive development tasks, dramatically changing the economics (time and cost) of cloud, analytics, and digital transformation initiatives. Our “self-driving” software for enterprise integration enables line-of-business users to manage their own data pipelines, while freeing up technology teams for higher-value design and deployment needs. As founder and CEO Gaurav Dhillon likes to say, “digital transformation shouldn’t depend on manual labor.”

Integration Assistant

SnapLogic Integration Assistant is a recommendation engine that uses machine learning to predict the next step in building a data pipeline for cloud, analytics, and digital initiatives – with up to 90% accuracy. It is part of SnapLogic’s “Iris” technology – the industry’s first software to apply artificial intelligence for enterprise integration. See how it works in this demo video.

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What Box says

What Box says

“The SnapLogic platform allows us to seamlessly transfer data between systems, without cumbersome volume limitations,” said Alan Leung, Senior Manager of Data Strategy and Architecture at Box. “We’re excited to begin leveraging the new machine learning capabilities to improve efficiencies, so we can integrate more data and automate more processes than ever before."

What 451 Research says

What 451 Research says

“451 Research anticipates that much of the value from machine learning will come from the data-driven applications that automate the delivery of intelligence to end users in the form of recommended content, offers, and decisions,” said Matt Aslett, Research Director, Data Platforms and Analytics, 451 Research. “Consumer digital assistant technologies such as Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa have given users a taste of artificial intelligence-driven digital experiences that they are eager to see reflected in their enterprise applications, and we therefore expect rapid adoption of SnapLogic Integration Assistant by the company’s customers and await further Iris-based enhancements with interest.”​

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