Don’t Let Cloud Be Another Silo: Accelerate Your AWS integration

Gone are the days when enterprises had all of their apps and data sources on-premises. Today is the era of big data, cloud and hybrid deployments. More and more enterprises are rapidly adopting different SaaS applications and hosting their solutions in public clouds including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. But soon enterprises realize that their SaaS applications and on-premises data sources are not integrated with their public cloud footprint and the integration itself becomes an expensive and time consuming undertaking.

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New Podcast Episode: The Lifecycle of Data

Next up in our ongoing podcast series: an episode on the “lifecycle of data” featuring our guest, Enterprise Solution Architect Rich Dill. The series is hosted by our own head of enterprise architecture, Ravi Dharnikota.

In this episode, Ravi Dharnikota and Rich Dill discuss the lifecycle of data, including the transition of data storage and processing to the cloud, the implications of distributed data, a “multi-tiered data lifecycle,” and the evolution of the data lake.

You can view and subscribe to the entire series here.

New With the Spring 2016 Release: Data Ingest-Prep-Deliver for Microsoft HDInsight

SnapLogic continues to build on its momentum in cloud-based data management with new support for HDInsight, Microsoft’s big-data-as-a-service on Azure. This follows our other recent announcements regarding support for the Microsoft Azure and Cortana ecosystem including availability in the Azure Marketplace. Continue reading “New With the Spring 2016 Release: Data Ingest-Prep-Deliver for Microsoft HDInsight”

SnapLogic Now in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

You may have seen our recent announcement about the availability of a SnapLogic Snaplex for Azure in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This is the latest development in our growing partnership with Microsoft, and a huge step forward in our support for Microsoft customers adopting a cloud-centric or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Why is SnapLogic a good fit for Microsoft cloud services? The SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform architecture is naturally well-suited for consuming and moving large data sets to and from the cloud and for cloud-to-ground data flows, so it’s the ideal data integration solution for Microsoft Azure data stores, HDInsight (Spark and Hadoop clusters in the cloud) and Cortana Intelligence solutions.

SnapLogic and Microsoft Azure
SnapLogic and Microsoft Azure

We also support Microsoft customers with Snaps – our pre-built intelligent connectors – for Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Database and Blob Storage, plus on premises SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics, Active Directory and more. So we’re able to support Microsoft customers whether they are operating completely on premises, in the cloud, or a combination of the two.

As noted in the announcement, we are pleased to partner with Microsoft to help democratize business analytics with fast, self-service connectivity between data sources and Microsoft cloud solutions. The combination of SnapLogic, Microsoft Azure and the Cortana Intelligence Suite (formerly Cortana  Analytics) delivers seamless ‘analytics-as-a-service’ for the enterprise.

Coming soon: more details about our support for Microsoft HDInsight. Stay tuned…

Hybrid Cloud Integration: Why It’s Different and Why It Matters

451_Webinar_Stand-alone-graphicIT organizations are challenged like never before with several disruptive changes, and the popularity of SaaS offerings has driven the first wave of cloud-to-on-premises system integration. As hybrid clouds proliferate, and as workloads shift across these disruptive venues, enterprises must now consider a thoughtful and strategic approach to hybrid cloud integration.

Join us for a Webinar: Hybrid Cloud Integration on Wednesday, June 17th at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT for a discussion with 451 Research analyst Carl Lehmann on the following:

  • The business and technical trends driving hybrid cloud integration
  • How hybrid cloud integration is different from traditional approaches to integration, and why it matters
  • Cloud integration challenges and how to overcome them
  • How a reference architecture can help craft integration strategy

Webinar attendees will have the opportunity to build a business case for hybrid cloud integration, and blueprint the practices, techniques and tools needed to integrate on-premises and cloud resources so they operate and adapt as a uniform platform for business operations. We will also feature a live demo of the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform as a modern tool for hybrid cloud integration. Register here.

For more on the benefits of further combing integration technologies, 451 Research recently posted this report on extending beyond cloud big data integration into the Internet of Things, featuring our Spring 2015 release.

2015 Technology Predictions: Cloudification, Self-Service and Big Data ROI

It’s technology predictions season! In this video, SnapLogic co-founder and CEO Gaurav Dhillon shares his predictions for cloud computing and big data in 2015, including:

  1. Cloudification: More people in business will be using applications in the cloud, causing ”cloudification” to happen in a big way in 2015.
  2. Self-Service: There will be a greater expectation of self-service and consumer-friendly technologies; customers won’t put up with complicated ways of doing things and vendors will be expected to do the work.
  3. Big Data: The big data projects are going to have to get to a more straightforward ROI or die.

SnapLogic Winter 2015: Big Data Integration, Security, Developer Productivity

ResourcePageButton (1)Today we announced our Winter 2015 release, with a focus on securing cloud application and big data integration for hybrid deployments. The release introduces enhanced security and lifecycle management capabilities for enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS) deployments, new and updated cloud and on-premises Snaps and a continued focus on productivity and self-service features for “citizen integrators.” As our CEO Gaurav Dhillon said, “We’re seeing a re-imagining of integration in the enterprise as CIOs look for greater business alignment and agility as well as a faster payback on their cloud application and analytics investments. Our Elastic Integration Platform is now processing over 10 billion JSON documents per month and with a focus on security, performance and developer productivity, the Winter 2015 release enables our customers to further expand their iPaaS deployments from real-time data synchronization and orchestration to big data integration initiatives.

Be sure to check out the webinar for detailed demonstrations of what’s new, including:

  1. iPaaS for the Enterprise: Enhanced encryption, lifecycle management, improved developer productivity
  2. Big Data Integration: SnapReduce 2.0 and Hadooplex now available as add-on options
  3. New and Updated Snaps: Including Salesforce Analytics Cloud, Sumo Logic and SAP HANA

You can also take a look at a few of the resources to get the full overview of the Winter 2015 release and new features that are now available for SnapLogic customers: