The SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud Designer is a 100% HTML5-based user interface that has been purpose-built for the Cloud. Building integration pipelines is a simple drag, drop, and assemble exercise that can be done either in a browser or on a tablet. This powerful cloud-based Designer makes both the integration professionals and citizen developers highly productive with no coding necessary.

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In the spirit of Cloud computing, SnapLogic users are provisioned with dedicated sandbox in a multi-tenant environment for their design, development, and testing of integration pipelines. Customers have universal access to the SnapLogic Designer via its 100% HTML5 based user interface. The rich drag, drop, and configure allows customers to just snap integration pipeline components together. These components are intelligent pre-built connectors (called Snaps) and are available in an online marketplace called the SnapStore. The pipeline building is a simple configuration exercise that needs no coding or programming. These pipelines can then be simulated and tested in this sand-boxed environment, before deployment. The designer access is controlled by SSO-based policies. The metadata is stored in an encrypted store.

Key Features

Superior Design Experience and Productivity

  • Dedicated Sandbox
  • SSO-based access to Cloud-based metadata
  • Universal access via 100% HTML5 based UI
  • Zero-coding – snap-and-configure UX
  • Simulation and testing in dev environment

400+ Intelligent, Pre-built Connectors called Snaps

  • Ability to browse complex metadata of applications with Snaps
  • Certified and supported by SnapLogic
  • Access to custom data sources by building custom Snaps with SDK and API

Self-service, Curation and Control through the SnapStore

  • Self-service model for IT and LOB users alike
  • Public SnapStore, an online marketplace
  • Private SnapStore, a center for curation and control via pre-approved Snaps
  • Pre-built integrations
"We looked at SnapLogic as an opportunity to think differently about integration. With a document-centric processing approach and schema-less platform, we've been able to eliminate some of the rigidity and time-consuming tasks related to traditional integration patterns."
Jim Teal, iRobot

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