Big Data Analytics

Data is the new competitive battleground making it more important than ever to get an edge up on Big Data integration. Don’t lose the data battle before it even begins. Using SnapLogic includes the right data sets into your Big Data analytics so that your algorithms are smarter and more effective than your competitors.

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Why SnapLogic?

Now more than ever, companies are faced with big data streams and repositories. Feeding, reading and analyzing large amounts of structured, complex or social data can prove challenging for most big data integration vendors. Not so for SnapLogic. SnapLogic’s distributed, web-oriented architecture is a natural fit for consuming large data sets residing on-premise, in the cloud, or both – giving maximum visibility to your big data analytics.


Some of today’s largest tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Yahoo! use Hadoop for processing and analyzing big data patterns across big data sets. However, most companies do not have the technical resources to effectively perform complex tasks such as moving data into and out of the Hadoop system. This is where SnapLogic can provide tremendous value.

Value Proposition

SnapLogic connects enterprise applications in the cloud, helping you get from big interactions to big insights more quickly and easily than any other integration solution:

  • Comprehensive connectivity to Hadoop with pre-built Snaps for HBase, Hive & HDFS
  • Certified for Cloudera
  • Pre-built connectivity to 150+ data sources that can easily be loaded into Hadoop
  • Big Data-to-mobile in a Snap, delivering mobile and web-ready data for all enterprise apps
  • Delivers Big Data on-demand, without data science experts


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