Splunk Integration

Splunk Integration

Get more value out of Splunk by reducing cycle time from issue detection to resolution through automated integrations. Splunk integration with SnapLogic is made easy by automating the issue resolution processes that orchestrate across multiple siloed applications.

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Splunk does a great job of analyzing machine data and operational intelligence, but the analysis is only as comprehensive as the data that is fed into it. To get as much value as possible out of your Splunk investment using SnapLogic cloud integration tools, you need to ingest the most data possible from as many locations as you can.

As an example, a Fortune 100 conglomerate is using SnapLogic Splunk integration to populate machine data into their Splunk instance. Leveraging SnapLogic’s elastic integration scale, they are able to collect machine data that includes up-to-the-minute monitoring events from 400,000 PCs, thousands of servers and many edge devices around the globe. The primary requirement is to be proactive in identifying hardware and software failures, virus and malware infections and other security and risk events. These instances are then converted into actionable events by enriching machine data with application machine data with application and other periphery data that resides in configuration management databases (CMDBs) or CRM applications such as Salesforce.com. These actionable events are then tracked and resolved via ServiceNow’s ITSM module. Issues reported and tracked via the Splunk integration Dashboard are enriched in real-time by fetching incident ticket information from ITSM, including ServiceNow.

With its pre-built connectors, you can easily populate Splunk with data from a variety of data sources, whether on-premise or in the cloud, resulting in improved overall data integration. You can also automate the end-to-end process from detection to resolution by orchestrating across enterprise applications such as Splunk, CMDB, ServiceNow and Salesforce.


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