San Mateo, CA

Field Marketing Manager
Technical Support Engineer (Customer Success Team)
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
Principal Software Engineer (Data Connectivity)
Professional Services Engineer
Senior UX Software Engineer
Senior DevOps Engineer

Central US Region

Global Account Manager - Central

Southeast US Region

Global Account Manager - Southeast

Northeast US Region

Global Account Manager - Northeast

Life at SnapLogic

SnapLogic’s core mission is to break down data silos and integrate enterprise information in a simple and cost-effective manner. Since SnapLogic operates at the bleeding edge of innovation, expect everyday to be a new challenge that will put you in a situation where you can unleash your creativity or flex your intellectual muscle, or both. If you get excited about solving new problems every single day, SnapLogic is for you!

Culture and Diversity

There is strength in diversity. Every person brings a unique perspective to the table that is based on gender, race, nationality, education background, and more. SnapLogic celebrates these differences and capitalizes on the strength that translates into world-class, global products.

Ken Terada
Customer Success Engineer

Outside SnapLogic, Ken enjoys working out, consuming significant quantities of good food and drink, and spending time with family and friends. His hobbies include photography, music, cooking, motorbiking, and stand up paddle (SUP) boarding.

Sony Alex
Technical Support Engineer

When not assisting our customers, Sony enjoys movies and hanging out with friends. She has recently discovered an interest in making robots at one of our team events. Sony previously considered careers in medicine and architecture..

Why Work at SnapLogic

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