Richard Rothschild
VP Information Services and Technology

“Transform your business and make it succeed”

“Being a 100% in the cloud there are two great things that you can get out of it, one of them it’s about 1/3 of the cost of not being in the cloud and the second thing is that you don’t have to worry about servers or software or anything else and you can move fast and help the business”

“Traditional approaches to integration are no longer adequate when you have literally dozens of SaaS applications, all needing to talk to each other, and today’s pace of business. If every change, customization or refinement becomes a project, we can’t keep up. SnapLogic changes all that-elevating us out of code level and putting the power directly into our hands.”

Mark Brennan
Director, Business Applications

Bloomin Brands

Charlie Weston
CIO, Bloomin’ Brands

Integrate critical HR information such as hours, time, and job codes to manage your workplace.

“We had a very profound problem in terms of managing and employing all of our people, because we didn’t have an HR system to track them”

“It is our belief that SnapLogic is easier and faster because it is built on web technology and is ready for the cloud right from day one.”
Charlie Weston, CIO,
Bloomin’ Brands

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