Key Features

Use the Zuora Snap to access the Zuora application and its standard objects and custom fields. This Snap is populated with all the data fields available for the corresponding object types in Zuora.

The Zuora Snap provides read and write access to the Zuora application and its records.

The Zuora solution pack adds support for the Zuora system. The Zuora solution pack consists of 4 components excluding the connection components provided by Snaplogic. These components along with the set of SnapLogic resources enable the users to access the Zuora account information. The Zuora solution pack does not require any additional setup or configuration within Zuora. During installation, the Zuora system is analyzed and a collection of SnapLogic resources are created, which correspond to the APIs in Zuora. Once installation is completed, data from Zuora can be accessed in SnapLogic without any Web Services or programming. The actions that can be performed through Snaplogic includes components such as “Create”, “Read”, “Update” and “Delete” apart from the “Login” component. The actual data accessible from Zuora is also controlled by the Zuora credentials and implements the basic Zuora application security.

For each Zuora operation, SnapLogic resources need to be created which then provide read/write capabilities. The resources can be used directly or copied and modified for your specific integration scenarios.

For connectivity between SnapLogic and Zuora, this Snap uses the Zuora SOAP interface, eliminating the need for any subsequent configuration within Zuora. After installation, you can access and manipulate Zuora data without any additional Web Services or SOAP programming.

  • Provides read and write access to Zuora
  • Provides access to the available objects in Zuora
  • Uses the Zuora SOAP interface
  • No additional configuration within Zuora required for connectivity
  • Provides read, insert, update, and delete capabilities for Zuora object types that support them
  • The Snap comes populated with all the Zuora data fields for each Zuora object
  • Includes a wizard to automatically detect custom objects and fields that have been defined in Zuora
  • Building blocks within the Snap can be duplicated and thus used as templates for specific integration needs
  • Supports the following operations on Zuora objects:
    • Create
    • Read
    • Update
    • Delete

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