Google BigQuery Integration

Google BigQuery Integration

Google BigQuery allows you to analyze big data in the cloud. Run fast, SQL-like queries against multi-terabyte datasets in seconds. SnapLogic delivers cloud based integration with BigQuery using a set of intelligent connectors, called Snaps, so you can easily transform and load data faster and get real-time insights about your data.

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Amazon Redshift Integration

The Snap for Google BigQuery integration is an intelligent connector that enables customers to transfer up to petabytes of data into and out of Google BigQuery. With SnapLogic, data can be moved at any latency (batch, real-time, via triggers, and Ultra Pipelines) to meet the requirements of a diverse set of business intelligence users. With the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud, citizen integrators can easily extract data from a wide variety of data sources and formats, with 300+ pre-built connectors, called Snaps, and load it into Google BigQuery. Whether you’re connecting to on-premise applications, social media, mobile and big data sources, SnapLogic allows you to connect faster.

Powering Cloud Analytics

Enterprises globally are increasingly relying on Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tools to gain better information flow, which leads to agility and a competitive edge in decision-making. SnapLogic offers pre-built connectivity to many existing BI tools such as Tableau, reducing the time to convert raw data into actionable insights. SnapLogic offers the capability to integrate Google BigQuery data with any other data sources in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid mode, for more effective decision-making.

Snap Patterns for Google BigQuery allow organizations to:

  • Accelerate cloud data warehouse adoption with pre-built patterns that can be configured by an automatically-generated series of steps
  • Rapidly connect Google BigQuery to a variety of data sources
  • Take advantage of core REST and SOAP Snaps for broader connectivity
  • Visually design a variety of data operations using a set of core Snaps such as Aggregate, Merge, Join and Scripts
  • Do sophisticated extract, transform and load (ETL) operations, bulk loads and lookups

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