Zuora Integration

Zuora Integration

Improve revenue predictability by embracing the subscription economy with the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud:https://www.snaplogic.com/why-snaplogic/how-it-works for Zuora. Automate recurring and usage-based billing to build and evolve better relationships with Zuora integration.

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Zuora Integration

As you offer more and more subscription billing solutions, meter-based or monthly charging becomes a real requirement. To help with this, Zuora powers what they call the Subscription Economy by becoming a broader part of customer on-boarding, customer relationship management and customer off-boarding experience. This experience improves dramatically when integrations across applications such as web-based applications, CRM, payment gateways and Zuora are automated. SnapLogic’s integration platform as a service typically helps customers use Zuora integration in two different cases.

SnapLogic’s cloud integration use case for Zuora involves integrating individual customer data across multiple SaaS and on-premise applications. Here’s an example:

  • A customers allows its users to order its subscription-based services via a Vantiv mobile application.
  • The order received triggers a SnapLogic application integration flow that orchestrates across Zuora and Salesforce.com, first using Zuora to obtain the rate plan and product information.
  • The process then subscribes the customer to the right products in Zuora, and goes on to create or update Salesforce CRM with account and contact information.
  • Finally, acknowledgement is sent back to the mobile user to notify them of the successful subscription.

The SnapLogic data integration iPaaS for Zuora use case involves a payment gateway such as Global Collect and Zuora. Billing information provided by customers is validated via Mandate files that are sent through the payment gateway before service subscriptions are confirmed. Any rejected Mandate files are handled with an automated workflow built using the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud:https://www.snaplogic.com/why-snaplogic/how-it-works.

Zuora Integration
Connect Zuora to all of your cloud and on-premises applications, databases and files with SnapLogic.


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