SnapLogic CTO James Markarian Discusses the Evolving Big Data Landscape on theCUBE

SnapLogic was in New York this week for Strata + Hadoop World NYC, and our CTO James Markarian took the opportunity to sit down with Dave Vellante and George Gilbert, hosts of theCUBE, for a wide-ranging discussion on the shifting big data landscape.

James shared his perspective on how data management has changed in recent years, where we are today with big data, how customers should think about data lakes, and the future vision for data, among other topics.

On data lakes, James expressed how there’s much industry discussion around how to populate a data lake, and then how to broker out of the data lake, but the real work is actually around management of data within the data lake which will be increasingly important moving forward. James’s view: don’t think of the data lake as an amorphous, no-rules dumping ground for unstructured data, but rather consider creating multiple “zones” within the data lake, each of which has certain requirements, rules and uses.

On a future vision for data, James acknowledged the considerable progress we’ve made in recent years as we look to the promised land of “data utopia” but, for the enterprise, there’s still so many important questions — about our customers, about our products — for which we seek better answers. James explained, “A lot of it has to do with data availability and our ability to combine that data together. So when I think about the vision for data, and you think about third party stores for data, and then the ability to combine it with data you know something about … and really thinking about solving more problems with data, and how we further eliminate the impedance behind some of those challenges … that’s where things are headed. Hadoop plays a part in this and integration technologies like SnapLogic have a big role in getting that data together and combining it in meaningful ways so we can answer those questions.”

Watch the full video interview with James on theCUBE here.

SnapLogic Introduces Intelligent Connectors for Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store

SnapLogic announced the availability of new pre-built intelligent connectors – called Snaps – for Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store. The new Snaps provide fast, self-service data ingestion and transformation from virtually any source – whether on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments – to Microsoft’s highly-scalable, cloud-based repository for big data analytics workloads. This latest integration between SnapLogic and Microsoft Azure helps enterprise customers gain new insights and unlock business value from their cloud-based big data initiatives.

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Planview Selects SnapLogic Platform As Global Integration Standard

Planview, the leading provider of Work and Resource Management (WRM) solutions, has announced that it has standardized on the SnapLogic platform to help their global customers integrate Planview’s WRM solutions with any other application in their ecosystems, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

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Estimating Load and Performance of Integrations

One of the most common requests I hear from colleagues and customers is, “How do I estimate how many jobs I can run on a node and how fast will they run?” The immediate and most accurate answer is… it depends. While it may seem a flippant answer, it is a succinct response to a complex multidimensional problem. Let’s examine the variables. Continue reading “Estimating Load and Performance of Integrations”

Big Data Game-Changers at Strata + Hadoop World NYC

Next week our team of integration experts will be in New York for Strata + Hadoop World to demonstrate how our big data integration platform as a service (iPaaS) allows customers to quickly ingest, prepare and deliver data to other sources within their IT ecosystems. We are also hosting a networking event for big data game-changers on demystifying data lakes, Hadoop and hybrid architecture. Learn more here.

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New Podcast Episode: Navigating the Data Lake – Tips From a Practitioner

In this episode of the SnapTalk podcast series, enterprise architect Ravi Dharnikota talks with Rakesh Raghavan, Director of Snap Engineering at SnapLogic. Rakesh comes to SnapLogic having designed, developed and managed data lakes for several leading online retailers and consumer-facing websites. He has successfully navigated enterprise data lakes using open source tools and manual techniques, and in this episode shares his first-hand experiences.

Ravi and Rakesh discuss the pitfalls of jumping into a data lake without a clear architecture, the challenges of supporting both traditional reporting and ad hoc data exploration use cases in the same environment, and the often-overlooked, often manual data engineering tasks involved in data lake implementation.

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O’Reilly Webcast ft. SnapLogic IoT Expert

Interested in connected devices and the Internet of Things? Tomorrow, SnapLogic product manager and IoT expert Shayne Hodge will be the featured presenter on an O’Reilly Media webinar titled: “The CEO proximity warning device: Prototyping a cellular, GPS-enabled cloud-connected IoT device.” Register here to secure a spot.

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