How To Move From Legacy To Leading Edge: SnapLogic’s Transformative Solutions at Snowflake Summit 2024

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Snowflake Summit 2024

One thing you’ll be sure to hear about at the 2024 Snowflake Data Cloud Summit is the cutting-edge innovation Snowflake’s Data Cloud has to offer, especially regarding AI and GenAI capabilities. This year, SnapLogic is joining the summit to showcase how we solve the issues of data preparation and data integration that businesses face when developing AI use cases. 

Getting data into cloud data warehouses remains an obstacle

Before actually utilizing Snowflake’s offering, businesses need to get their data into Snowflake’s platform. Accessing data from legacy systems is still one of the main issues facing customers today — all too often legacy data is siloed. Even when customers can access the data, they face difficulties such as mismatching schemas and data formats when trying to integrate with modern cloud systems. On top of all that are security and performance considerations to add to the mix. 

And it’s not just legacy data customers struggling to migrate into Snowflake. Unstructured data, for example, does not fit a predefined schema or data model (think PDF or streaming data) and might require advanced processing to be compatible with Snowflake. Data from external applications like Salesforce means developer time reading API documentation and creating custom scripts for access. 

Resolving these issues with in-house technical resources can be time-consuming and expensive. Other integration platforms often help resolve one issue, but not another. As a result, customers can find themselves with a variety of vendors and lengthy procurement cycles. 

Where SnapLogic comes in

That’s why SnapLogic is partnering with Snowflake. Data integration does not need to require multiple vendors or an expensive in-house team. Whether it’s the old legacy systems, modern SaaS applications, or PDF files, SnapLogic’s prebuilt, low-code/no-code connections can handle it, quickly and easily. 

Moving on-premise data

SnapLogic can access any of your on-premise data through our groundplex deployment. Some pre-built connections we offer include SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SAP, and more. Below is a quick video of how simple it can be to move this data into Snowflake with SnapLogic. 

Moving unstructured data

Instead of using a specialized parsing tool or hand-coded functions to process unstructured data, SnapLogic allows you to quickly parse a wide array of data types with no code required. The following video walks you through how easy it is to process and move a CSV file into Snowflake with SnapLogic. 

AI-assisted data integration

Data integration is as easy as it’s ever been with SnapLogic. Our generative integration solutions can now utilize AI to build out connections for you to Snowflake, and recommend filters and queries to process the data as needed. Below is an example of our SnapGPT tool creating a pipeline that moves data from SAP S/4Hana into Snowflake.

SnapGPT Generating Pipeline from SAP S/4Hana into Snowflake

Stop by and see SnapLogic in action

If you’re considering migrating to Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse, the SnapLogic team is happy to help connect you. Stop by and see us at the Data Cloud Summit in June, or drop us a line.

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