Introducing the SnapLogic March 2024 Release!

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The March 2024 release of the SnapLogic platform is here! With the March 2024 release you get an improved usability for SnapGPT, broad connectivity with HTTPClient in AutoSync, an enhanced Anaplan Snap Pack, and a better ease of use when starting with API designs.

Let’s look at the March release highlights.

Improved usability of SnapGPT

SnapLogic’s GenAI-powered assistant continues to get better and we have added a few features in the March release that improve its usability. 

SnapGPT now allows you to improve the quality of pipeline recommendations that SnapGPT provides. You can specify pipelines that you want SnapGPT to leverage in suggesting new recommendations. Metadata from those pipelines is provided to LLMs as an added context using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) so you get more relevant pipeline recommendations.

You can customize your SnapGPT experience by picking an LLM model, by defining how SnapGPT should change between models, and by defining pipeline IDs that you would like to use for new pipeline generation.

SnapGPT settings allow you to customize your SnapGPT experience
Figure 1: SnapGPT settings allow you to customize your SnapGPT experience

Improved Anaplan Snap Pack

The improved Anaplan Snap Pack now features support for Anaplan OAuth2 account. It allows you to grant access to your Anaplan account information to the SnapLogic platform, using this modern secure authorization protocol. Additionally, you have more control over how the Snap behaves in certain situations and error conditions, as well as enjoying an improved performance for your Anaplan Snap Pack since it can directly call their API endpoints rather than leveraging the Anaplan SDK. 

Broad connectivity via HTTPClient in AutoSync

Exciting news! We have now added HTTPClient as a source in AutoSync, so that you can load data from any RESTful endpoint into your Cloud Data Warehouse or other data destination. HTTPClient supports full load and a number of account types such as AWS Signature V4, Basic Authentication, Digits Authentication, Google Service Account, OAuth2 among others. 

Improved ease of use with APIM updates

When you are starting with API design first, APIM maps all endpoints from the Open API Specification that is being implemented. You no longer need to utilize SnapLogic expression language or pipeline parameters, all the endpoint paths are created for you. This greatly improves your time to value when implementing APIs

To learn more about the March 2024 Release, please check out the release notes or contact the customer success team.

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March 2024 Product Release

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