Top SnapLogic Blogs Posts of 2015

Happy Holidays from the SnapLogic Team! It’s been quite a year in the world of hybrid cloud application and big data integration. As we prepare for what promises to be a very exciting 2016, I thought I’d share a summary of the top new posts on the SnapLogic blog this year. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for our 2016 predictions.

  1. Rest in Peace Old ETL
  2. Everything So Brittle: What ESB Middleware Means in 2015
  3. SnapLogic’s Modern Approach to ETL
  4. SnapLogic and PwC Alliance: The New Enterprise Integration Fabric
  5. [Infographic] Enterprise IT Uncertainty Around Big Data Initiatives in 2015
  6. The History of Middleware
  7. SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines: A Modern Alternative to Legacy ESB Technology
  8. Re-Thinking the ESB: Real-Time Integration without the Overhead
  9. Powering Digital Marketing with Big Data
  10. Getting a Better Return on your Big Data Investment


  • Ashwin

    Hi Friends,
    I need help from you all. I want to develop a code in script snap to create a file using python. I created the code to create a file. I mentioned the path where the file to be saved in that code. It ran successfully but it did’nt create a file. when i tried to read that file it throwed 2 errors saying ” File not found” & “Check for URL syntax and file access permission”.So friends can you help me.
    Ashwin M

  • Ganesh Awate

    Try to create and read file on your snaplogic folder location itself first.If its getting created and accessible then smthing wrong with the remote location where u r saving it.You may try with Basic Auth account.The place wer u save file may need some authentication.