Blue Hill Research Market Alert: SnapLogic Winter 2015

SnapLogic-BlueHill-GooglePlusEarlier this month we announced the Winter 2015 release of the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform. (You can learn more about what’s new here.) This week Blue Hill Research published a Market Alert on the release: SnapLogic Winter 2015: Enhancing Enterprise Security and Usability for Big Data and Cloud Integration. Written by Hyoun Park and James Haight, the report zeroes in on SnapLogic’s new big data integration capabilities, Snaps and Snap Patterns for Salesforce Wave and SAP Hana and enterprise-focused integration platform as a service (iPaaS) deployment features and notes:

“With its Winter 2015 release, SnapLogic is positioning itself as a centralized integration locus to coordinate the migration from traditional client-server IT to the new world of personalized and highly scalable social, networked, mobile, Big Data, and cloud technologies.”

Here are a few other highlights from the report:

“Although Hadoop is still a tool for data scientists and analysts, the Winter 2015 upgrade now positions SnapLogic as an interface to prioritize MapReduce jobs and Big Data integration tasks.”

“By providing additional fail-safes and an enterprise-grade integration testing environment, SnapLogic is playing a role in supporting enterprise-wide technology transformations with development processes and deployment options that reflect the demands of maturing expectations.”

“As SAP HANA Platform continues to grow as a vendor-agnostic platform, and as SnapLogic continues to expand its collection of 270+ integrations, Blue Hill expects SnapLogic customers to be well-positioned to develop SAP HANA integrations across cloud applications.”

I’ve embedded the report below and you can download it directly here. You can also learn more about our Winter 2015 release here.

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