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SnapLogic eXtreme helps companies accelerate fully managed data architecture benefits, enable the Citizen X for self-service, and maintain best-of-breed hybrid capabilities.

Big Data Integration at your Fingertips

Pockets of data, buried in the enterprise, go unexplored due to the complexity of connecting large amounts of structured and unstructured data. Rather than lifting and shifting to a cloud data lake architecture as the volume, importance, and demands on data usage increases, many companies are moving to a managed Hadoop or big data solution to fully realize the benefits of reduced CapEx and OpEx. SnapLogic eXtreme supports an organization’s move to a completely managed data architecture by lowering the overall cost of operations while increasing data governance, SLA, and manageability (higher ROI).

Big Data Integration at your Fingertips

SnapLogic supports companies along the entire big data deployment maturity curve

Scalable, Cost Effective, and Fast

Enable a completely managed data architecture in the cloud including integrations (iPaaS), processing (BDaaS) and data storage (SaaS). Realize the benefits of no CapEx, lower your OpEx, and reduce the need for hard-to-find skills to manage big data clusters. SnapLogic eXtreme is built to process very high volumes (peta/exabyte) with high complexity. It also has built-in support for ephemeral, managed big data clusters.

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Big Data Integration

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Democratized Enterprise Data Lake

Democratize your data and accelerate the development of your enterprise’s modern data lake, break down silos, and power your team to mine new data. Effortlessly deliver large data sets to and from data lakes. Increase productivity by eliminating cumbersome manual tasks of adding information and transforming data. Translate visual data into Spark tasks without writing code.

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The Data Lake Data Integration Challenge

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A Unified Platform for all Data Integration Needs

SnapLogic’s 500+ pre-built, intelligent connectors harness data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources as well as multiple deployment modes. To ensure rich insights, the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform integrates data from a variety of endpoints including data warehouse, big data, APIs, applications, and more.

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Easing the pain of big data: Modern Enterprise Data Architecture


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“We moved to Amazon Web Services (AWS), including Redshift, and data integration via SnapLogic. Now, AWS is the platform and SnapLogic is the glue.”

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