Workday Integration Solution

Workday Integration Solution

SnapLogic is the leader in Workday® integration solutions for rapidly orchestrating process and data across the human resources information system (HRIS) application landscape.

Whether the use case is quote-to-cash, new employee on-boarding or analytics leveraging cloud and enterprise applications, some of the most successful Workday customers run the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud to automate the integration of data from on-premises or cloud-based sources. With pre-built Snaps and integration patterns for the Workday solution and a drag-and-drop interface that does not require coding, SnapLogic helps you connect faster and get the most from your Human Capital Management and Financial Management applications.

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The Workday® solution is rapidly becoming the centerpiece of the enterprise HR ecosystem. The SnapLogic Workday Snap exposes the entire Workday API visually, enabling organizations to leverage the true potential of the Workday platform without the complexity of an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) or the limitations of traditional connectors.

Customers use the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud: to integrate the Workday adoption solution with cloud and on-premises applications and big data sources to automate and orchestrate such workflows as:

  • Quote-to-cash – integrate data from Workday and Salesforce to implement a quote-to-cash workflow that synchronizes Opportunity, Customer, Product and related data
  • New employee on-boarding – create a new employee profile in Workday and trigger a chain of updates to the employee directory, provisioning of email, updates to the payroll system, and more.

Automation of such workflows greatly improves process efficiency and information accuracy.

SnapLogic In Action: Workday Integration Solution

SnapLogic cloud integration helped a Fortune 1000 media company automate their employee onboarding process by integrating a Workday adoption solution using SnapLogic:

  • When a new employee starts working at any company office, their information is entered into the company’s Workday HR system.
  • SnapLogic then orchestrates across multiple applications, such as Google Apps and Active Directory, and pulls information to make sure the user doesn’t already exist.
  • If the user has already been created, SnapLogic’s integration platform as a service follows custom workflows for a rehire or contractor, re-enabling the user’s account with the original settings without creating a duplicate account and ensuring that each employee has a single and unique account across all systems.
  • If the employee is a completely new user, SnapLogic automatically generates a random password for them along with default attributes that include group settings, access to servers in the company’s ecosystem, account control settings and more, and creates an account in Active Directory or Google Apps.

Workday Integration

Connect your cloud and on-premises apps, databases and files in a single SnapLogic pipeline.

By rapidly integrating the Workday solution using SnapLogic’s agile cloud integration platform, this company has greatly increased the flexibility of its HR onboarding process, eased the pain of swapping in and out applications and enabled both its IT and HR teams to focus on more strategic business priorities. Pre-built Snaps give this company the ability to easily change systems in the future without having to replace the overall onboarding process for hiring managers and HR management.

Workday® is a registered trademark of Workday, Inc.


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