2017 Spring Release


Introducing the first product from SnapLogic’s Iris Artificial Intelligence:

Integration Assistant for self-driving integrations


The Spring Release also includes:

  • New snaps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and field cryptography
  • Enhanced snaps for AWS RedShift, Tableau, Confluent, Hive + Kerberos, Anaplan, and Workday
  • Pipeline metrics, easy Snaplex restart, and enhanced asset search to improve user productivity and administration


Introducing MS Dynamics 365 CRM Snap Pack

Comprehensive Snaps are now available to help Microsoft Dynamics CRM users create, read, and update records. Also new: delete a record based on account ID and also search with various filter options. The Snaps support the Cloud and on-premises versions for 2016 and 2015. Learn more.

New Transform Snap Pack Enhancements: Field Encrypt and Decrypt Functionality

The Transform Snap pack now includes Snaps that can encrypt and decrypt field values for sensitive data or entire documents – providing a greater level of data security. Learn More.

New: Integration Assistant by Iris AI

The SnapLogic Integration Assistant recommendation engine uses machine learning to predict the next step in building a data pipeline for the cloud, analytics, and digital initiatives – with up to 90% accuracy. It is part of SnapLogic’s “Iris” technology – an industry-first in applying artificial intelligence for enterprise integration. See how it works in this demo video.

Workday Read and Write Snap Enhancements

New Workday Read Snap enhancements support page number and page size while providing overall performance improvements. New Write Snaps support bulk operations for many objects and boasts improved performance – what used to take hours, now takes seconds!

New Enhancements to Confluent, RedShift, and Anaplan

New Enhancements to Confluent, RedShift, and Anaplan

New for the Confluent Acknowledge Snap: Data loss improvements, elimination of duplicates, and external acknowledgement of each message. And there’s more, including:

  • RedShift improvements
  • TDE file on S3 support for Tableau REST
  • Hive + Kerberos supported on Groundplex and tested on Cloudera v5.8
  • Anaplan now with a retry option
Platform Enhancements

Platform Enhancements

Time and productivity updates include:

  • Snaplex restart: Initiates a restart of a Snaplex
  • Network statistics display: Aids in troubleshooting and performance optimization
  • Enhanced asset search with Snap labels: Provides a more precise search
  • Parameterizable accounts: Makes it easier to automate or dynamically assign many environments in a development lifecycle. (Watch video demo)

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