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During my first days at SnapLogic, I attended our annual Sales Kick-Off (SKO). As a new employee, this event was a perfect way to get immersed in SnapLogic. I absorbed as much as I could from customer and partner presentations and I learned a whole lot about our positioning and strategy as an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) vendor.

Two key points that came across from just about every customer presentation are that the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud solution has a low total cost of ownership and that it provides the ability to get data and applications integrated faster using a user-friendly interface.

During the presentations, I was impressed by a worldwide IT services customer who used the expression, “Let the technology win” to describe how SnapLogic was able to fix a problem related to a poorly designed application that was causing a lot of headaches during their digital transformation strategic planning.

The customer described how one of the developers from his global enterprise team was tasked to fix the poorly designed application issue knowing that the recoding was going to be daunting. The project was estimated to take several weeks and consume a lot of engineering resources. When this developer was presented with the SnapLogic integration platform, he found a way to extract the necessary data from the poorly designed application and launch the company’s digital initiative much faster. When they weighed their decision between whether to code or use SnapLogic, the solution that solved the issue technically faster won the debate.

Like most SKO events, there were sessions for specific use cases. One of the most interesting sessions I attended was for our API integration capabilities. At first, I was thinking we were going to hear about all the well-connected API integrations that we have and the ability to connect to anything with a “Snap API” that can access any public and some private APIs.

That was definitely true but there was a lot more to consider. I was introduced to a fast-growing trend in API integration that involves curating your own APIs.

SnapLogic provides the capability to build an API from your connected Snaps (pre-built connectors). A series of connected Snaps are called “pipelines” that provide source and target data flows between any two endpoints. Think about it. SnapLogic can do all the heavy lifting of your API integration needs from any of your connected Snaps by generating a well-defined API based on the pipeline data in your SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud account.

Essentially, SnapLogic can publish or create easily-managed custom APIs from the data flows that you have defined in pipelines. There’s no need to worry about the native APIs of your connected Snap sources. As they update, so does the SnapLogic generated API.

To say I was impressed is an understatement. The SKO experience for me confirmed I joined a company with forward-thinking, very relevant technology and that I will be working with a great team of smart and results-oriented engineers, sales folks, and of course my marketing team.

Also, during my first week, I got started on my own SnapLogic Free Trial and built my first pipeline. I realized quickly that our solution is able to abstract very complicated backend processes into a user-friendly interface that helps complete integration tasks in minutes or days compared to weeks or months of coding. Stay tuned for more updates from me and particularly related to our API capabilities.

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Former Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager at SnapLogic

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