Getting Started with SnapLogic Expression Libraries

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In SnapLogic Community Office Hours this month, SnapLogic Senior Professional Services Engineer Kory Knickerbocker presented the Expression Library Starter Pack that he posted in the SnapLogic Community back in June.

SnapLogic Expressions are similar to expressions in any programming language that allow you to assign and modify the value of a field. Expression libraries are files (.expr) that contain one or more expressions that can be imported into a pipeline for use across all expression properties. Libraries can be useful if you have static metadata or common functions that you wish to reference in a Snap’s expression properties.

Kory’s starter pack contains two libraries, one for date manipulation and one for formatting strings, and a test pipeline that shows these libraries in use in a Mapper Snap. In this video, Kory walks through expression libraries and how the test pipeline uses them.

You can download the starter pack from the Expression Library Starter Pack thread within the SnapLock Community for use within your SnapLogic org. See the Expression Libraries documentation to learn more about adding libraries to your pipelines.

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Getting Started with SnapLogic Expression Libraries

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