How disconnected data is causing productivity pains for organizations

Study: How disconnected data is causing productivity pains for organizations

Technology promises to increase business agility and speed. And yet siloed, disconnected data is causing workers to spend far too much time on rote, repetitive tasks – ultimately harming productivity and frustrating workers.

Together with research firm Vanson Bourne, we surveyed 500 business users and IT leaders in large enterprises across the US and UK to understand the impact of disconnected data on worker productivity. Alarmingly, our study finds 90 percent of employees are being burdened with boring, automatable tasks – such as searching for data, data entry, data processing and analysis, and combining data from multiple sources. Having highly skilled employees spending large chunks of time on repetitive manual tasks, rather than on value-add activities, is not only a waste of time and money but has a negative impact on employee morale.

Some key findings of our research include:

  • A quarter (25%) believe that disconnected data is causing the development of new
    products or services to be too slow, leaving them trailing behind competitors
  • Over six in ten (61%) are finding projects being constantly delayed by slow data
  • Nine in ten (90%) business users are required to complete tasks at work that they find
    boring and repetitive
  • Respondents are spending 32 minutes a day, on average, moving data from one system
    to another, equating to 19 working days per year

To learn more, download our new study, “The Productivity Pains of Disconnected Data.”

If you missed our first study on “The High Cost of Disconnected Data,” download it today.

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