Xero’s Journey: Leveraging Generative Integration for Data Transformation and Business Efficiency

June 25, 2024
1pm AEST

Discover how Xero leveraged SnapLogic to centralise and automate data processes across 30+ applications, enhancing data security and operational efficiency. This session will delve into their strategic approach to integrating disparate systems, automating manual processes, and driving productivity,

Key discussion points: 

  • Strategic data centralisation and automation: How Xero addressed its data integration and security challenges by centralising applications and automating processes for their People and Finance business units
  • Enhanced organisational efficiency and scalability: Understand the impact of streamlined data architecture on organisational efficiency, data governance, and the ability to scale globally.
  • Automation of routine data tasks: Dive into the specifics of how generative integration has transformed Xero’s approach to routine data tasks. By automating these processes, Xero has not only saved time but also enhanced accuracy and consistency across data management functions.

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