December 2014 SnapLogic Snap Release

Winter_Snaps_Blog_GraphicBuilding on what’s new with our recent Winter 2015 release, this Saturday we will be delivering a new SnapLogic Snap release, which includes the following new Snaps:

  • Anaplan (Action and Write)
  • Email Archive (provides the functionality to move email messages from one folder to another folder)
  • Join (the old Join Snap will continue to run, but all future enhancements will be made to the new Snap)
  • Salesforce Wave Analytics

The December Snap release also includes fixes and enhancements to the following Snaps:

All SnapLogic customers have received details on this weekend’s Snap release, which does not require service downtime. More specific details on the release are available on the SnapLogic Documentation site. Be sure to read this post for more information about SnapLogic’s over 300 Snaps and Contact Us if you have questions or would like to learn more about the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform

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