Overview of the SnapLogic Integration Cloud March 2014 Update

We are excited to announce our latest update to the SnapLogic Integration Cloud. As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, we will be performing the update this week. The complete list of features in this release and past releases can be found in the Release Notes, with highlights below.

Monitoring Dashboard Enhanced

More visuals and more controls extend the functionality of the SnapLogic Integration Cloud Monitoring Dashboard. You can now visually monitor Active Pipelines, Executed Pipelines, Active Nodes and Pipeline Distribution. dashboard-snaplex

The new Health screen provides a Red, Yellow, Green status of your Snaplexes so you’ll instantly know if there’s an issue and/or whether or not you should consider adding more capacity.

A control in the Dashboard header now lets you easily filter by a time range. dashboard-header

Message of the Day

SnapLogic can now configure important system messages to display when a user first logs in..

SmartLink Simplifies Mapping

Within Transform Snaps, SmartLink simplifies the mapping of data by suggesting field-to-field mapping when schema exists on both sides of the Snap.
. smartlink

Pipeline Configuration Wizard

When you import a new pipeline, a wizard now guides you through any missing required fields such as file paths and accounts.

New Snaps to Address Your Integration Needs

With this release, we expand your integration access to social media and on-premises tools. See the complete list of new and updated Snaps.

  • Encrypt and Decrypt Snaps for AES
  • Encrypt and Decrypt Snaps for Blowfish
  • Encrypt and Decrypt Snaps for Twofish
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Requests
  • Google DFA
  • Box Snap Pack with Snaps for Move, Permissions, Read, Write, Add Folder, Box Directory Browser, Create Group, and Create User.
  • Directory Browser
  • TDE Formatter Snap for Tableau
  • SQL Server Lookup Snap
  • Amazon Redshift Lookup, Select, SCD2
  • The Twitter Snap Pack was expanded with the addition of Get Direct Messages, Get Tweets, Lookup, Post Direct Message, and Post Tweet.
  • Workday Read and Write

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